Question on Hallmarking Cufflinks and Earrings

Is it required to place a metal purity marking on both pieces in a pair of jewelry? For example, if I make a pair of Sterling Silver Cufflinks. Would I need to put “925” or “SS” on both cufflinks in the pair, or can I do just one?

Hi Brian, to hallmark metal purity, the jeweler must first have their own register hallmark.

Yes, understood on that point of having a registered hallmark.

Is is necessary to stamp both cufflinks with the hallmark and purity mark? Or can I stamp just one of the pair?

I usually hallmark both pieces.

I think that the marking regulations recently changed in the US. I am trying to find them, but have yet to be able to. Can anyone give me some guidance…Rob

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Hi Rob, I also recall recent changes regulations in the USA. Perhaps try MJSA.