Question on Ganoksin post

Dear Tigger man: alias Billy Center: Hi, Bryna here! When I
finished the first year I set up a studio in my basement and
read every reference book I could get my hands on to become more
informed about techniques that were not covered in the basics of
one year of studies. Because I travel a fair bit I also have a
larger source of books at my fingertips. The only problem is
that if I want to learn how to cast, the financial outlay is
much too grand and I don’t think that I am ready for such a
large task at present. Don’t be discouraged, things will come in
time. Save your pennies for that next piece of equipment, and
study, study, study P.s. I did not see an e-mail address for you,
so I won’t be surprised if you don’t get this message.

 I took the first year of a 3 year diploma course in Jewellery
Arts and decided that I would be better off studying on my own
in a modest basement studio that my partner helped me start.
I am just getting started in jewelry making and wondered what
you meant by "studying on my own".... did you do a course or
just study thru books?  I took a community course offered at
night at one of our High Schools - not that great but it was a
good intro and did some reading and just "playing around" that
proved to be an interesting learning tool. I have a day job
and am still trying to have the time to make and learn
jewelry.  Would LOVE to go away to some one week courses...
but, that eats away at vacation time and/or time that you
don't have to take from your job.  Any advice you
could give me would be greatly appreciated.

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