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Question for vacuum casters

Many years ago I did my own waxes and casting using a centrifugal casting unit, but ended up selling just my casting equipment, oven, etc. to take a different life detour. I kept all my other tools. My question is this. Will a vacuum unit like the one pictured from RG here (or similar), produce castings with the same quality and integrity as a centrifugal unit - especially when it comes to custom shaped 14kyg -18kyg wire baskets made of 16-18ga wax wire, in the 1-12 carat range. (I’m assuming that if 16-18ga wax could be cast then thicker objects would be no problem). I’ve read a lot of the past Orchid “Vacuum vs. Centrifugal” topics and I’m not trying to stir that pot any more. I’m mainly interested in those with experience to confirm this vac unit will do what I was able to do with my old centrifugal unit. Thank you for any comments.

I learned on this machine and the previous person had twenty years on it. He produced much finer things than I could. Delicate baskets and settings. I suspect as with either system it will come down to the spruing quality. I since upgraded to a VIC 12 and love the larger pump. It pulls almost instantly and is very easy to change oil. The only drawback is it is heavy. The pump! The Dura-Bull I can pick up and move. The VIC12 stays in one spot and when I moved it was the most difficult due to the weight. If you are going to do volume I think you are limited to a 4x4 inch flask with most spincasters. Maybe send a wax to Rio and ask if they could cast it for you in the machine.

I’ve been using a Vigor master-vac for 30 some years now. (Basically the same machine) I’ve never had an issue…(due to the machine) with incomplete castings. It works just fine with everything I’ve some. Some very intricate and some not. I use both perforated and solid flasks depending on what I’m doing. Take it for what it’s worth. Scott

Thank you for the comments.