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Question-difference between density and specific gra=

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Jennifer, Theoretically, density and S.G. are the same only at 4=B0C,
because only at this temperature does 1 Cubic Centimeter (cc) of water
weigh EXACTLY 1 gram. At any other temperature water weighs less than
1 gram/cc. Lets take an example: Suppose you have an object that
weighs 80.000 grams and has a volume of 10.000 cc. The DENSITY is
80.000/10.000 = 8.000 However, at room temperature of say 25=B0C,
10.000 cc of water weighs only 9.971 grams, so the object’s S.G. =
80.000/9.971 = 8.023. Another technical point (but maybe your teache=
wants you to know this), is that DENSITY has units i.e. mass/volume,
whereas S.G. has no units. it is a pure number. Hope this helps. …
Bob Williams