Question - Custom making torch tips

Hi All,

I have been futzing with torch tips since i got my little torch type torch. I’m making a “rosebud” type head, and i’ve got one looking quite pretty, but i’m noticing that the tip is getting hot enough, that the whole neck is getting too hot to touch.

Do we have any tips or general rules on keeping torch heads cool? Is it a matter of having a longer neck to release more heat?

The current shape is pretty simple: half inch circle of copper, drilled 5 holes in it about 1mm each. Each of those, has a copper tube soldered in which was drawn down to have an ID of apprx. 0.45 mm.
That’s soldered into the cup of a 1/2" to 3/8" reducer coupling, with the back of which is soldered shut. Into the body of this coupling, a 1/4" copper tube is soldered, approx 3", which goes to a connector, attached to the tip of the little-smith-type-torch. Running on oxy-propane.
I cut back the coupling “overhang” to have the torch face recessed from the edge of the tube by 1-1.5mm.

The flame tips look good and even, flame is very controllable. The heating up… well it’s enough that after testing for about 30 seconds to maybe a minute, the torch neck and tip were hot enough to sizzle water when sprayed or dipped after.

Would appreciated any resources as well, having to do with torch tip design and making.

Thank you!

p.s. - i do have check valves and anti-flashback devices attached.

Not seeing how you are soldering, all I can do is guess.
If you are aiming the flame straight down the heat will come back up and get the tip quite hot. If you aim the flame horizontally that is much less likely happen.

Hope this helps.

Neil A

Why not just buy some tips and make some jewelry?..Rob


perhaps have a look at Paige torch tips.


Hi Neil,

Well thanks! I mean, that’s a start! LOL
I did check at different angles, so i’m just unsure if it’s a design issue or not. As in, not enough flame liftoff, or heavier material, more surface area, etc.

It’s more curiosity than anything else. I like to tinker. Thanks!

Why do you make jewelry and not buy it?

I like to tinker. I make jewelry, but i also have a… fascination(maybe obsession, or quirk) with making tools too. I get to understand how things work, i get a certain satisfaction from it, and sometimes, i have more time than money.

AHH… i have see Paige torch tips!
They are awesome. One day… Actually i emailed them at some point, i have some off brand Small Torch adjacent torch, so i checked with them if the threads matched, and they actually got the engineer to email me back with the details!
Nice folks. But they don’t fit. So when i buy a more, normal, torch, i’ll look at them again.

In the meantime, it’s actually more of a hobby thing. I have tips, i, like to tinker, try things. It helps me… understand things better.