Question about use of draw plates

Greets everyone, I have a question about use of drawplates… I’ve had mine a few years now and have used them for drawing wire and tubing when I saw online someone saying you put the wire in from the back side. Oops.
I have the expensive drawplates with tungsten insert and a little funnel shaped or tapered hole from the front/printed side which is the side I’ve been putting my wire/tube into and pulling from the back side. It seemed logical to me that the taper would help ease the wire or tube through the hole, and illogical that I’d use the back side which is just the hole. Now I’m wondering which side I should be inserting the wire through to draw? Most tutorials on the web say to put the material in from the back.

thanks, Aurora

The side with the taper is the side you put the wire in, you draw from the other side. Generally one would call the side that is facing you when you pull the front and the side the wire goes in the back. In the case of your drawplate, the sizes are printed on the back, perhaps because the manufacturer thought the plate you have would be used mostly in a drawbench. Then the plate would be edge-on to you, and having the sizes on the entry side would be easy to see.
Most drawplates have the hole size, or number, printed on the front.

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