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Question about jewelry Reps

Hello everyone and thank you for your help.

I find myself in a position about which I know very little. I
design and create a line of unique titanium wedding bands and I have
had great success simply selling them from my website. I was
featured in a story in “In Store” magazine back in February of 2002,
and this provided a bit of national exposure unrelated to the
internet. From that exposure I have developed several wholesale
relationships with individual stores around the US and Europe.

I now find myself being approached by people that want to distribute
my rings to a much wider wholesale community. Here are my questions:

If I have a ring that I think would retail for $400, I assume the
jewelry store would like to pay $200. What amount would the jewelry
Rep. get? Is the keystone pricing used when each piece is custom
made to order?

What level of service is usually expected from a jewelry Rep? Do
they create catalogs and display items? Do they handle the
merchandise or is it all shipped from my studio directly to the

Here is what I envision creating. I would like to put together a
6-7 ring sample package for new wholesale customers. This package
would retail in the $2500 range. Becasue these pieces are not custom
made to order, but rather what I choose, I could sell them in the
$1100 range. All future orders would be one-at-a-time and custom
made to order. How would this work with a jewelry rep?

Thank you for your patience with my ignorance on this subject.

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs

Dan You just found the beauty of wedding band manufacturers concept.
The role of the sales rep is to sell to different stores and then it
is your ball game. A commission will be paid according to the amounts
of sales. The key is to plug new samples and delete items that do not
produce. It is always a balance between the people on the road and
service from the office. Good luck Haim
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