Question about Designer's fee

Hi everyone, I am designing a choker for friends who are launching
their company in a few weeks. This will be a promotional item that
they will be selling at their party. I am designing the piece and
liasing with the manufacturer, approving the sample and final product,
insuring that my friends get this piece on time for the party. I am
not supplying any materials/stones, and will not be making or
finishing any of the product. My question is: How do you arrive at a
designer’s fee for this type of project?

Metal Impressions by Catrina

Sounds to me like this is a project where you should charge an hourly
fee for your services. As long as the time you spent on it is not
more than what one of thier employees or themselves would spend on
it, then you can assume that they would be paying one of thier people
or themselves a resonable wage for doing the same thing. Good luck

Larry Seiger