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Question about 14k gold granules on Ss


I have Tim McCreight’s illustrated handbook and he discusses how, if you’re granulating high karat gold or fine silver, you need to introduce copper to form an alloy for it to fuse.

Then, he says that, if you’re using sterling, you don’t have to introduce copper since it’s already there but warns that the temp the alloy forms is very close to the temp SS melts.

I would like to make just a few little 14k gold granules (it’s what I have on hand) to put on some SS.

Do I just proceed as if it is SS on SS and be careful not to melt it?

Thank you for your help.

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I was taught to make a mixture of hide glue, copper and some other stuff from Jean Stark to coat even gold on gold. (I can get formula if no one else jumps in with it) It worked well to stick the granules where you want them and to coat the piece with low temp copper. Another way would be to use argentium silver. No need for any other materials, coatings, fluxes. They fuse beautifully.

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Would love the formula if you can! Unless someone else says otherwise, I’ve been thinking since last night that doing it the glue + copper way can’t hurt and it’s better to do it and not have technically needed it than not do it and wish that I had.