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Quatro gold vault dust collector

Hi all,

I’ve been following the thread about the Quatro Gold collecter and a
hood but can’t spring for the extra money for the hood… The person
I spoke with at Otto Frei suggested as an alternative I get a “fish
mouth” attachment and then buy some type of adjustment at home depot
to attach it to the hose on the collector. (that way I can use my
flex shaft inside the fish mouth. He said to use a Heppa (sp?)
filter, which he said would suck up the fumes.

He also suggested I block off one of the two hoses so as to increase
the suction power.

Does this all sound like good advice to you? Unfortunately, the
opposite of DYI, so solutions involving find parts from old vacuum
and connect extra motors etc. aren’t for me.(unless, of course,
someone would accept payment to do it for me). If someone knows of
another similar collector which is around the same price range which
they have found to be effective in removing particulate matter and
fumes I’d love to know what that is!