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Quatro dust collector vs. bag system


is the quatro cartridge system dust collector better than bag system?
what is the pros and cons fo quatro cartridge dust collector system.
is quatro the best dust collector?

thks by advance

I have the quatro and I am pretty happy. Be advised that it is loud
and the filters are pricey but does a great job for me.

Take care,
Paul LeMay, Bracebridge Ontario. Canada.

Hi Nathalie,

I’ve had both and both work well. I prefer the Quatro system,
particularly when it includes the plexi-glass fully enclosed hoods.
When used with the hoods it really does dramatically reduce the
volume of polishing dust in the shop. It’s better for your lungs and
cuts down on that fine layer of dust that seems to cover absolutely

The pros and cons of the dust collectors themselves? They are both
equivalently easy to clean out with a shop vac periodically. The
cartridge and filters are much easier to change in the Quatro than
the bags in the bag system, although you really don’t need to change
either one very often…just keep them clean with a shop vac. The
noise level is about the same if you’re comparing under the counter
dust collectors. You can look up the CFM of each and compare that,
but both are adequate. I do think the Quatro catches smaller
particles than a bag system, particularly when the bags get old or
aren’t installed properly.

Personally my vote is for the Quatro high velocity dust collector
with the enclosed hoods.


PS, I would get the 4 port dust collector, even if you work by
yourself. I have one port going to each hood, one going to the lap
and the fourth goes to a bench polishing port with a shield that
hooks up to my GRS Benchmate plate. I have a second plate on the side
of my bench so I can keep the bench polishing port out of the way
until I need it. Then I just flip on the dust collector and put the
bench polishing dust collector pin in place of my bench pin…if that
makes any sense? It works great and really keeps the dust down.

Ah that last post is just what I intend. Four ports, two to add to
extra suction, one to lap table, and one to bench for polishing

Good morning all,

I would like to recommend the microstar dust collector available from
Gesswein and perhaps others. I’ve owned mine for 7 years after owning
a traditional box collector with fourteen fabric/steel mesh filters.
The microstar is german made, incredibly quiet (the polishing lathe
is louder) and does an excellent job of collecting. The two stage
filter system is not cheap to replace ($75 for one that is replaced
annually and 3 for $25 for the primary filter bag). I do not have
polishing dust covering the immediate area as was always the case
with the old system. I don’t know the current cost of the system but
would highly recommend and suggest you look into it. The noise from a
collector can become a real issue, spend the extra $$ and buy the
best you can find that meets your needs.