Quartzsite shows

It is that time again. Those of us that live in Quuartzsite in the
summer live very quiet lives. But when fall comes, there is an
electricity, and excitement in the air. The shows are coming.

It may be very hot yet but the time is coming, Orders to be put,
discussions about what well be popular this year. It is so hard to
imagine this town of 3354(yes we have grown a lot) becomes 1.8
million on one day during Januarty. They do count them.

The shows this year are as follows:

Man Event January 19 to Feb 3 Phone 928-927-5213

Tyson wells, "Gem Show January 4-Jan 13 Sellarama Janyary 18-23 Art &
Craft show Feb 2-14 Phone 928-927-4364

Desert Gardens January 1- February 28 Phone 928-927-6848

Pow Wow January 23 0 Jan 27 Phone 938-937-6365

Hope we get to see more of you this season Hardies store is located,
across the street from McDonalds, just off I-10 , Exit 17.

Stop in and say hello

Ken & Alice Hardies, Steve & Brenda Hardies