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Quantum effects in gem stones

Quantum entanglement means infomation is transmitted simultaneously
between gems even when they are apart and theoretically apart by any
distance, eg here and on the Moon. In this demo the diamonds are 2
mm wide and 15 mm apart. If diamonds, why not other gems too? Does
anyone see any practical gemological application?

not really, at least at this time in the development of knowledge of
quantum effects. quantum is at the atomic and smaller level, almost
all of us work in the macro world, so we do not attempt to cause
changes at that level. i’m perfectly willing to let my grossly macro
lapidary wheel cut without worrying about quantum entanglement with
another stone.


If you Google on this subject you will find that some lead salts
have also been found to have quantum properties.

One practical implication may turn out to be in prospecting. If some
minerals become entangled in nature and the entanglement can be
measured, this may give us vectors for locating the major ore bodies
(“mother lode”). I’m guessing that the more the diamond is a pure
mineral with a perfect lattice, the clearer the entanglement. That
being so, even microdiamonds in nature would be extremely valuable.
But quantum sciences are still at an early stage of development.

Peter, please don’t do this. Everything in the universe has quantum
properties. That doesn’t tell you anything about anything.

Jamie Hall

Don’t do what? Prospect for diamonds and wonder/guess/speculate
about whether advances in the study of quantum diamonds will help me
out? Who would even have speculated about proof of quantum diamonds a
decade ago?

Here are the facts. I have a claim on a mineral property which the
senior geologist in a petrographics consultation unequivocally
identifies as mantle. I had a chunk of this mantle-origin rock
assayed for C and it showed significant organic and inorganic C.
There is nearby graphite. At midsummer noonday sun I get flashes of
light which I think are diamond from pinprick-sized microscopic
points in the rock but there is no practical way to test for Raman
frequency from such small crystals. Quantum-entangled diamonds are

Less factual. On a list which discusses the science of
sensation-perception I am told we humans can detect even a single
photon. I have not yet seen the proof. But if we can do this, can we
also detect photons reflected/refracted by diamond? Are quantum
diamonds entangled in nature? You say yes. Is everything entangled in
nature? I have seen no proof of this. You can Google and find some
reference to entangled lead salts but that is all I could come up
with beyond diamonds.

Now here is the bottom line. If the C in my sample was there before
the mantle stage in its history and some of it became entangled
diamond C, will future quantum technology enable us to establish
vectors pointing to the source? Will microdiamonds serve the same
purpose as flour gold coming downstream?

Postings on this list have said, So what if you do find
microdiamonds - they have no value. But they could have enormous
prospecting value, even in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks if those
vectors are established. That is why I observe light flashes on all
of my field samples.

What is the power of the naked eye? There are 13,000 Orchidians here
and some are very experienced jeweller-observers of gemstone light

Here is my question then - how keen is trained sensory power? As an
aside, I like to give the neighour’s dog rawhide treats. This pooch
seems able to smell a dog treat at a thousand paces. I open the bag
and I hear a woof!

I obviously shouldn’t have worded it the way I did, Peter. What I
should have said is this:

By all means speculate. But please don’t do it here. I’m sure you
have the best intentions in the world, but what you do on this
mailing list is effectively trolling. This really is the worst place
to talk about these subjects, and you must surely know that by now -
you’ve been posting here periodically for at least the two years that
I’ve been on the mailing list, and from the weary sighs of other
users, probably longer than that. This is a mailing list for
jewellers, metalworkers, lapidaries and associated trades. Perhaps if
you wanted to discuss quantum effects in a gemstone that you actually
had, people would talk to you about it. But you don’t, so they won’t.

Jamie Hall