Quality Tools of Yester Years

I hate to sound like an old fogy, but they just don’t make tools
like they used to. What happened to the wonderful brass brushes we
could buy from any vendor up until last year? Does any vendor have a
new pair of parallel jaw pliers that glide open and close? And don’t
even get me started on B & S gauges. The slots are so full of burs
that one can’t even slide the metal in. And the plastic sanding
sticks with the tension screw at the bottom of the handle…woe is
me. Do other people long for the quality tools of yester year?

Munya Avigail Upin

I feel your pain. As I add tools to my shop via one tool at a time
method; I find the tools I bought at auction from estates are finding
their home in my everyday work. They fit the hand comfortablly and
seem to allow me to work on the piece rather than fight the tool.
Nothing is as divine as a well balanced tool that let’s one allow it
to do all the work.

Silver & Cameo Heritage Jewelry

Yes there are. We make specialty tools for the people who do not
like what they can buy off the shelf even down to the custom hand
grips mold to a person hand the quality of steel can be spec out. You
can spec out as much or as little as you wish. If you are interested
you can contact me off list at rod@gembeads.biz

Rodney Abel

Don’t even get me started on these ‘better’ Swiss saw frames… the
ones with the black plasticy handle. Ugh. Horrible things. I got
about 8 for a class and they are the sux0r with tension problems
glalore. Yet the old beat up ones, you know the flat metal saw frame
I’m talking about… they’re still kicking. Give me a simple
wing-nut ol’ fashion saw anyday!