Quality jewelry photographers

Hi All, I’m compiling a list of quality jewelry photographers around
the country (Europe and the UK as well) to include as a handout in
my presentation for the professional practices preconference seminar
at SNAG San Franciso.

It’s late in the game, I know, but I’d like to beef up the list.
Names and phone numbers or emails of photographers who produce good
images, are good to work with and will conduct business via the mail
would be quite helpful.

Thanks in advance, your aid is for a good cause.

Andy Cooperman

Hi Andy,

In Baltimore, MD: Norman Watkins: (410) 467-3358
In Portland, OR: Bill Bachhuber: (503) 234-1348

I don’t know if either will do biz via the mail.

Thanks for doing this Andy…excellent idea. Best, Jan Baum

Andy-- I use Sanders, Larry lzs@gowebway.com , 1-877-726-3377tl-fr
(w) Noel

I highly recommend Robert Diamante, whose name was passed along to me
by Anne Hollerbach. He’s located at: Box 5042, Portland, Maine 04101
phone no. 207 874 0587 . http://www.robertdiamante.com. He’s done
great work for me, has competitive prices and work can be mailed to
him. Susan Sanders

Here are two more quality jewelry photographers:

Amy O'Connell

Barry Blau



This is an excellent idea. You may have these two already, but in
case not.

Robert Diamante
PO Box 5042
Portland, ME  04101
207 874 0587

"Robert is the photographer for Tim McCreights “Color and Metal”,
“Boxes and Lockets”, etc.

Dean Powell
172 Middle St.
Lowell MA  01852
978 452 7054

Karen Christians
10 Walnut St., Woburn MA 01801
Ph. 781 937 3532, Fx. 781 937 3955
Jewelry/Metalarts School & Cooperative Studio
Board Member for the Society of North American Goldsmiths

In Oakland, CA: Kate Cameron 510-649-9492. She shines on 3-D

Alana Clearlake

 I highly recommend Robert Diamante 

I endorse Susan’s recommendation… I was referred to him by Karen
Christians. She and Anne often travel in the same circles! :wink:

You know the slides are great when you get them back and say, “Holy
cow, that looks awesome!” When the slide would even make you want
to buy your own work, it’s a great slide! When the slide makes the
work look even better than it does in person… well, you get the

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)