Quality in Jewelry

The discussion of the writing styles in Metalsmith magazine,
aesthetics, the quality of jewelry, &c, reminds me of Andy
Warhol’s definition of art: “Whatever you can get away with.”

Where I work, we can’t get away with very much. The meat of
Maxon’s business consists of individual items selling for over
US$1,000 each. When someone is paying that kind of money for one
piece of jewelry, they are not about to compromise on anything;
we don’t expect them to.

Some of our customers are famous performers down in Branson; a
number of them are multi-millionaires. (No, I am not going to
name names!) From my observations, the wealthy are even more
selective than someone who is paying several months’ salary for a
wedding set. Make no mistake, rich people can afford to be the
pickiest folks of all. Although some of these people have been
our customers for years, we could still lose them in a heartbeat
if we don’t make the grade.

Fancy pseudo-artistic writing by academics in magazines cuts no
mustard in our marketplace. The piece either pleases the
customer or it doesn’t. That’s all there is to it. Period.

Just one more report from the trenches . . . .

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