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Quality files, The moral of this story


When placing an order with my supplier yesterday, I decided to treat
myself to a set of 6 Glarden Vallorbe, Swiss made needle files. They
were obviously more expensive than some other sets of needle files,
but from other people’s advice and my own experience so far, I
figured it was best to buy the best ones I could.

They arrived this morning, and what an absolute joy to use! Rather
then the 20 or so strokes needed with my old and worn out files, or
my cheaper ones, I achieved the same results in two strokes, and with
a beautiful, even finish!!! I found myself looking for things to
file! I stopped using my cheap ones a while ago, because the
unevenness of the teeth was causing deep scratches in my work, so
I’ve just been using a handful of old, worn out Vallorbe files which
a friend gave to me, but they take some effort to get results. I now
have a great new set of files which I will thoroughly enjoy using -
and in some shapes I’ve not had before too.

Mind you, even though my new files were the most expensive brand
available, they were still reasonably priced at approximately 30 UKP
for six. Five pounds per file is not much to pay for something which
works SO well. Incidentally, I also treated myself to a file card,
but I’ve not yet figured out how best to use it. I keep stabbing the
tiny little wires into my thumb - ouch!

The moral of this story - as has been said many times before - is to
buy the best tools you can afford. They make work so much more
efficient and pleasurable in the majority of cases.