Quality earring posts

I make fused glass post earrings which I glue posts to. At first I
was concerned about the quality and sturdiness of the earring if I
was just gluing the post on but I use E6000 and I haven’t had any
problems. I have had problems with the quality of the posts
themselves. I have bought sterling silver posts which can bend or
break where the post meets the rod. I have bought fine silver which
did the same and silver filled which did the same. I have bought
surgical steel which involves the rod with one flattened end going
through a hole in the pad. At first it is straight but then it
becomes loose and the rod wiggles around in the pad.

I have been using the silver filled because it is less expensive than
the fine or sterling silver with the same problems, and while the
silver posts only occasionally break, the surgical steel posts always
come loose.

I know its probably best if i make my own silver posts, but im not
very good at silver smithing and it would take so much more time and
work that i feel like i would have to up the price on my earrings,
which is something I would rather not do.

Does anyone know of another viable option, or have any opinion on
using the silver filled which I know could possibly break?

Ive made posts from titanium 999 grade wire. Cut to length then
spiralled to make the flat disk thats glued to the back of what ever
Ive used for the front. Polish the wire and round the end that goes
through the hole in the ear lobe before making the spiral.

You might consider titanium pad posts from RMS. We have these made
for us and have never had complaints like you have listed. Bill

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc