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Q33NY NOT weird!

Or for more info, go to, select hoaxes relating to
the WTC and look for the relevant article. 

G’day all; I received the above email from a person names ‘Dwyn’,
and found that the web site quoted is one devoted to the debunking of
’urban myths’ and it states categorically that Q22NY was NOT one of
the flight numbers of the WTC disaster, but is a hoax derived from
those letters in the Wingdings font.

I apologise deeply to all Orchid members for repeating and therefore
proliferating this nasty little hoax. It all goes to show that 1) One
should ‘look before you leap’ and 2) that ‘If it seems too good to
be true - it usually is’

I can only repeat my apologies for not merely being gullible, but not
making sure of my ‘facts’. – Cheers now, John Burgess; @John_Burgess2
of Mapua Nelson NZ