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Puzzle rings

I have an issue with a 6 ring puzzle ring that came in for repair. The rings had to be cut off of the person’s finger with each ring needing to be sized (9.5) and 1/2 shanked. My problem is putting the rings back to the proper place. I’ve put 6 ring puzzle rings together, but not when they’ve been separated. Any help would be appreciated.

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…i am thinking…make one at a time, fitting in each puzzle piece as you go…figure out the best order of progression first…?

you can always err on the side of smaller so you can tap them up to fit…as you go…?


Hi Julie.
I think the OPs issue is to find the correct position of each ring, since it has been cut of his finger. And probably scrambled after.
I’m no expert here, but the usual order for these rings are in pairs. The 6 ring has two outer rings with a V shape crossing over the others locking them in position. The two center pairs are twisted over these in an half open position and then the outer are collapsed down in position.

Sounds easy but it may not be in the real world when they are cut and probably malformed.
I wish you good luck and hope someone might be of more help than me.

Regards Per Ove

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I did a quick Google search for “solving 6 part puzzle rings”.
There are several videos out there on the solution.