Puzzle rings making

Hello Orchid People I’m a young goldsmith , and in this period I’m in
love with those nice rings that are called Puzzle rings or magical
rings they consist of four (or more) interwined rings that once closed
seem to be one ring . Someone told me they are produced mainly in
Turkey , and i have found a lot of them in small oriental shops ,
mainly cheap sterling silver pieces … I’m just becoming mad trying
to find out the right way to construct them , I succeded in building
one but it still have some defects and it is very hard to close ( Yes
I know the way to close those lil’ traps :slight_smile: . I think that i miss
something in the first steps of the construction , i use square 925
sterling stock , should i use tapered or other different shapes? I’m
experiencing troubles also in making the interlaced pieces to tightly
match. Does anyone of YOU dear Orchidians have any suggestion to solve
this Puzzle ??? :slight_smile: I know that puzzle rings are sold for few dollars
in gift shops but I’m just intrigued by them and I want to become
able to make one of them with my own hands Thanks in advance Best

Toni Acoca

When I saw these being made in Egypt they just made the rings out of
plain half round wire - but a little too small. Placed them in the
right arrangement on a mandrel and then hammered the **** out of them
until the edges all closed up neatly. They took no more than 5 minutes
to make from wire to finished and polished product.

Hello Toni, I don’t have any answers for you, but wanted to say I
admire your quest for knowledge! If you have the luxury of time,
it’s great fun to investigate the solution for the seemingly
impossible. Perhaps one of our members from SE Asia (where I bought
my puzzle ring in 1972) will describe the procedure. Best of luck,
Judy in Kansas where tomorrow is the opening day of football season
and everyone on campus is absolutely silly in anticipation.

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Dear Toni, These rings have been making me crazy off and on for two
years. I have now resorted to working in copper while I am
experimenting with them as I have wasted so much precious metal and
strained nerves. I have used jigs, vises, jigs and vises, to no
avail. I 've learned that it is imperative to hammer or mill the weave
thoroughly to facilitate re-assembly, for me it was anyway. If you use
a search engine ( I use 800go) and type in puzzle rings, you will get
some sites of artists who do make them (Jose Grant and Norm Greene).
I got desparate and e- mailed Mr. Greene who was so kind to e-mail me
back with the advice to go to Turkey and work in a shop there. It had
the tone of go to ---- but with a different spelling, so there was no
help there. If you do get a lead on anything, would you please keep me
in mind and I will continue to practice and throw pliers around my
shop. Thanks, Suzanne


Jose Grant was a TWA pilot and a good friend. He would never have been
rude. Jose flew the Middle East route and derived his technique in
Egypt. I used to sell his rings until my entire stock was stolen.

Jose’s rings had a much finer appearance than any others and looked
less pounded. All surfaces were rounded rather than flattened to avoid
spaces. I have a silver 16 separate rings ring. I should hopefully be
able to lay my hands on it. would it help you to have it in your hands?
I’d be very willing to send it along for a time.


I don’t believe it was Jose Grant who was referred to in the post as
being rude. It would be particularly hard for him to be rude now as
he is no longer alive. His son was running his business the last I
heard, but he may also be in jail as he was arrested and prosecuted
for selling stolen jewelry. I grew up in Stamford, where his business
was located.

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