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Puzzle Ring

Hello all–

I got a puzzle ring in today and I can’t remember all the steps
for putting it together(without cutting them apart), I can
remember the first three but nothing after that. Can anyone fax
or Email me the instructions if you have them, or turn me on to
where I can get them! Thanks!

Steve Dickey
Fax# 417-889-8316

hi Dave, here is a link that should show you how … step by step …


Try Jose (Joe) Grant in Mystic, Conn. He has made and sold them
for over 40 years. Basically you get the two outside links into a
diamond shape frame, flip and dangle them down and weave the others
within the frame one side followed by the other making sure
visually which is the outer and inner piece by checking the notches
they fit into. If you call Jose tell him I said Hi, I used to sell
them until the entire batch was stolen and put an end to my early
endeavor into jewelry. That was easily 40 years ago. Teresa

Steve As I remember, the even numbered puzzle rings all work
basically the same. A figure eight is formed from either two or
four rings so that the last two are in a position upside down( the
shanks are pointing up on the last two rings).The tops of these
two outside rings, should be in position through this figure
eight. The final step is to fold these two outside(and upside
down) rings downinto position forming the final ring. You may have
to try this last step over depending in which of the two last
rings you fold down first. Another hint is that usually you can
figure out which of the rings are the two outside rings by the
teletale sign of these two being more polished than the others. For
me, knowing which two are outside rings, has helped me to start
positioning the rings in the first place. The history of this ring
is sort of interesting, hovever sexist, unless of course the man
also has this style ring.I believe they are called turkish rings,
and the story goes that to remove the ring, indicates being
unfaithful to one’s spouce.And if the ring is removed, it of
course is not supposed to be easy to reassemble. I owe the
knowledge of reassembeling the ring, to an old girlfriend that was
in my religion class. The ring was more interesting to both of
us,than the class. Please let me know if this is any help Don

Steve - Searching on “puzzle rings” I came up with the following
URL: Excite found
other web pages if this one doesn’t help you.

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA

Steve I’ve got instructions for you if you still need them! send
me an E-mail and I’ll send it to you!! let me know!!! Matt :slight_smile:

Please send the puzzle instructions to @lmflynn
thanks L. Michael Flynn