Putty for holding small parts pre-investment

Does anyone know what the green putty is in this YouTube video? TÉCNICA con YESO para SOLDAR, 💎Clases de Joyería - YouTube
I’ve been looking for months for something now to hold tiny components together so I can pour investment over it, then remove the putty, flip it over and solder while it’s held solid by the plaster. The green stuff in the video doesn’t seem to be affected by heat, it doesn’t crumble, and looks re-useable. I’ve tried Hold-It and Wolff and nothing so far has really been ideal.

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I watched the video you linked, and am familiar with this process.

I was thinking the green stuff was plasticine, and this was confirmed in the subtitles.

he is not heating the green stuff. He is using it to embed parts into, upside down, to hold them in position, so that he can then pour plaster over it.

I have used plaster of paris for this, and it works, but it is a big heat sink and requires alot of heat.

once the plaster is hardened, he pulls off the green stuff, thereby exposing the part that were embedded into it, and proceeds to solder them.

after he is done, he heats up the plaster, and then drops it into water, and then pulls the soldered pieces out.

i use this brand of plasticine

you also mentioned wolf clay and hold it…these are not used in this particular process as it does not harden…but it can be used to hold pieces in position for soldering…by embedding parts ito it, our using it to mould around pieces to hold them in position. unlike plaster it does not harden but remains pliable



Thanks so much @wldlzrd1! Really appreciate the brand recommendation. :grinning:

Julie, you have just taught me something new! Many thanks. :heart::+1:

Use the following search criteria

soldering clay after:2020-01-01

You will find several discussions about this process…Rob

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in my above reply i said “embedded… upside down”…

i should have said “embedded…right side up…

so tgen, then after you peel the plasticine off the plaster, the underside (or whatever part you want to solder) is exposed…

so sorry


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It’s also helpful to steam the piece after removing the Plastalina. We would store the clay wrapped in paper and in a plastic bag to help remove some of the oil. Another trick with plaster of Paris is to add a little salt when you mix it. Completely set up in 5 mins. Of course it has to be dry prior to soldering.