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Purple Goldstone - cabs and beads

I am a student and learning to make jewelry. My Mom purchased a
beautiful large purple goldstone cab necklace for me last December
while we were in Sedona, Arizona, which was made by a Navaho artisian.
I have yet to find any purple goldstone to match this piece. It is
very light and it is indeed purple/lavender in color with a lot of
copper specs!! Does anyone have any suggestions on suppliers for cabs
and beads?

You can email me directly at @Pamela_Livingston

Thank you!!!
Pamela Livingston

The Rock Barrel in Dallas, TX, probably an 800? ?? 972/231-4809 &
Jeanies’ Rock shop in Houston. You can get the beads from Texas
Beads in Dallas area also.

Sharon Perdasofpy

Hi Pamela, Goldstone comes in Gold, Blue, Green, and Gold Ruby Pink ,
from ArrowSprings.

To get a specific color of Goldstone, you melt a glob (called a
gather of glass) of the Gold Goldstone on the end of a stainless
steel 3/16 inch rod, then cover the glob or gather with transparent
glass (such as lavender) of your choosing to get any number of
different colors. Pulling on the molten glass with a pair of pliers
will make a rod or stringer of glass that has goldstone in the center
and lavender glass on the outside . After this cools, you can then
use this to make beads or cabs. I’m pretty sure this is how your
necklace was created. Depending on the thickness of the outside
layer, the density of the color can go from light lavender to dark
purple, light green to emerald, etc…

There are several great bead distributers,

I checked their web sites and only found blue and brown goldstone

If your beads are all exactly the same, they are probably machine
made and you might be able to find the supplier. If they are slightly
different, they are most likely hand made…so far none of this does
you any good…… Contact me off line, and send me a picture of
your beads, or send me a bead and I’ll try and match the color and
make you a few beads and a cab or two to play with…no charge of
course…that would be called work and I dont believe in work…

Love and God Bless
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