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Purple Diamonds Discovered

From the Gemstone Forecaster

In March, Dianor Resources discovered a sample of rare purple
diamonds at its Ekomiak V property in the James Bay region of Quebec,
Canada. The new diamond discovery is the largest to date in Quebec.
The diamond-bearing Ekomiak Conglomerate extends for four kilometers
and up to 500 meters in width with individual outcrops measuring 500
meters by 400 meters in size. Some reports claim they found 9 and
others 16 micro purple diamonds. They found 856 diamonds from 26
surface rock samples over 2.7 billion years old. The largest diamond
was a colorless measuring 1.06 mm x 0.98 mm x 0.56 mm. The largest
purple found is of 335 x 379 x 225 microns. The company announced in
February plans to raise $10 million in a private placement to cover
expenses in hopes of finding some larger purples. Of course, purple
is one of the rarest and most desirable colored diamond colors. A new
supply would be nirvana for collectors.