Pure Silver Polish and Intro

Hi all, I’m new to the orchid list, an amature jeweler working
mostly in sterling and some 14k. I also cut cabs when I can and
collect faceted stones. As far as polishing silverware, this
thanksgiving my wife wanted to use the old family silver (which
she found in the garage for the first time since we moved 3 years
ago) I found the best solution was to take them downstairs and
polish them up on the buffer. It didn’t take long and left them
looking great. So I don’t have to do this all the time, when we
put them away I put a few anti-tarnish strips in with them. I use
the strips to keep my stock looking good, it often sits around
for quite a while. You can get the strips from Rio Grande, and
probably other places. If you put silver in a ziplock bag and one
of the strips in with it the silver will remain tarnish free for
a long time. Ben

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