Pure copper chain

Hi Everybody!

I’d like to purchase some chain to use with my found object jewelry
and because I use a lot of found copper (chimney flashing, electrical
wiring, etc.) I think I’d like to match the copper color.

Garlan Chain was the first company suggested last time I asked this
question and they do have copper chain, but they have a process
where you have to sign up for an account in order to request prices.
I’ve signed up twice to no avail. Since they haven’t replied, I can’t
tell if I don’t qualify or if it’s something else.

But I’d also like to get your opinion on pure copper chain vs. copper
plated steel chain. Would it be smarter to go with steel because it
is stronger? What would you use and where would you go to get it?

Bobby W. Baker

I’ve found that Metalliferous in NYC has a wide variety of solid
copper chain. Hope they have what you’re looking for.

Chris Carlson

Try Whimsie Studios, they deal in a lot of alternative metals
including copper.


I have gotten copper chain from both Rio and Fire Mountain.

Beth Wicker

Hello Bobby,

Instead of copper, how about using fabric cords (like linen) or
leather. Copper chain has a bad habit of leaving green marks on
skin, which is not customer friendly - usually people are not

Judy in Kansas, where the rains have been falling for several days.
Hardly allows time for the lawn to dry enough so that it can be

copper on the skin will leave a green mark if its not protected by a
laquer and when this wears iy will give your customers cause to ask
for their money back.

Id avoid a copper chain, and go for some suitable nylon braid. This
will be in keeping with the type of pendant your making. Thats been
my solution for many years and has never been a reason for a loss of
a sale.

Go with the copper unless what you want to hang on the chain is
really heavy. Plated goods only last so long. You can order copper
chain from Rio Grande easily. They have several styles. Be sure to
order chain with soldered links. Some they are soldered, some are

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

I routinely use pure copper chain as it will patina just like your

Be sure to coat all with micro crystalline wax. I dip my chain into
the wax dissolved in mineral spirits after I patina all.

Ginger Smietana

Judy. Send some of that rain up to central NY. Rob

Hey Rob,

Judy. Send some of that rain up to central NY. Rob 

So you want the tornados tooee

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