Purchasing used Thumler tumbler


I just found a used Thumler tumbler (the model B) for $75 online. I
am just starting to make jewelry with mostly brass, some copper. Can
you tell me if this would be a good first tumbler to have? Also,
what should I keep an eye out for when I am looking the machine over?


Yes, Thumler is the top of the line for consumer tumblers.

Check the barrel(s) for cracks in the rubber. Fill them half full of
water and seal them. Then give them a good shake to see if they leak.

Check the barrel lids to see how wear there is on them. They start
wearing in the center. Holding them up to the light or sun to see if
you can detect any thin spots.

Check the rollers. There shouldn’t be too much up and down, side to
side play. They should turn easily by hand.

Check the drive belt for cracks and if it is properly tightened.

Plug it in. It should start right up without hesitation. Without a
load in the barrels the motor may tend to run hot.

All the above items are fixable or replaceable and of course
negotiable on price. If this is a single barrel model B I would offer
the seller $40 or $50 unless it is in brand new condition. If a two
barrel model B I would offer $50 to $60…

Prices on new Thumler model 3’s are $90 for a one barrel and $120
for a two barrel.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan