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Purchasing Orion welder from U.S

Im looking into buying an Orion welder from Rio Grande as they are around £1000 cheaper than buying from the U.K.

The website states:
This item requires a 110V power input. The electrical plug is U.S. standard and may not work for your country. Please note that if you order equipment wired for 110-volt power, and use a transformer to adapt the equipment for use where 220-volt wiring is required, the warranty on that equipment will be void.

has anyone had experience this and would a Step Down Voltage Converter work or am i better off paying the U.K prices?

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I would contact Orion at 801-658-0015 or I think they make a 220 version.
I just bought one and Orion prices ar the same as Rio

will do thanks

I will bet that you will get creamed on duties and VAT if you import from the US. You could ask Orion what they use for their HS code so you can look up the fees from your Customs gov’t agency.

both @OrionWelders and @RioGrande are Orchid/Ganoksin sponsors :slight_smile: I am sure either can assist you!

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Hi Jon,

Which system are you looking at? All Orion welders have automatic switching power supplies and will work just fine on 220 or 110. No warranty is void. We make all our products so that they can be used anywhere in the world! :slight_smile: I’m sure it is a miss print on their website. Let me know which product you are looking at and I will get with Rio Grande to see if they need to update their website. Thanks so much!

Thanks for the replies.
I was looking at the Orion mPulse Plus Pulse although it looks like the Rio page has already been edited.
Thanks again for the help.

Jon - why don’t you look at the line of PUK welders. They are made in Germany and in my book are better machines. The new ones are easy to use and by comparison, less expensive. They would come with the right voltage and the business of getting them to you would be a lot less brain damage. Judy Hoch

Awesome! Let us know if you have any further questions! Enjoy!