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Purchasing a used rolling mill

I recently found an ad for a used rolling mill on my local
Craigslist. It’s a 100mm combo mill with gearbox. I contacted the
seller and was assured that the rollers are rust free and smooth.
(His father is a retired goldsmith and was recently disabled so they
are selling some of his tools.) I’m going to go look at it so here is
my big question: There is no brand on the mill. The seller did tell
me there is a label from Shor International on it. They are a NJ
company that sells economy and Italian mills. What should I look
at/for on the mill to determine if it’s a quality mill or an economy

The asking price is $500 and includes a stand. Assuming the mill is
reasonable quality and in good condition, is that a fair price?

Many thanks for advice.


I have owned a Shor mill for over 30 years. It is an excellent mill.
For many years Shor was the best supplier in N America. When the two
older brothers who developed & ran the company retired and turned it
over to either the next generation or others, they ran it into the
ground. I don’t know about them right now. At the time Gesswein was
their main competitor.

Close the rolls look through where the metal would go. Now turn it
and see if there any gaps. If it rolls true it would be worth buying.
If there are any gaps the rolls need to either be replaced or turned
true by a machinist. Hard to do.

An old one would have originally cost more than 500.00 when it was
new years ago. I spent about 750.00 back in 1978 on mine, which is a
combination flat and wire mill. It sounds like it might even be the
same mill I have, In any event a good mill.

Offer them 400.00 as see if they take it.

Best Regards,

Todd Hawkinson
Southeast Technical College