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Puk welding problem needs to be solved

I need help here.
I drew a quick sketch. I puk the wire, shows in drawing<1>, then wire turns to balls on both side, then I flat the balls and emery the surface, make the surface flat. The workpiece looks like drawing<2> after emery and polish.

The problem is after polish, the wire shows up, I see a little circle which is the wire point, the surface looks like drawing<2>. I want to know how to make the circle disappear.

Anyone please help. Thank you

You might leave out the PUK weld. Use a bur to chamfer the edge of the hole. Cut the wire just a little longer than the depth of the hole. make sure the wire is annealed. Then set one end on a bench block and tape the other end with a hammer to form a rivet. Turn it over and repeat. The end will flatten out and fill in the chamfer. Sand and polish. If you still have a little circle showing you could burnish it till it disappears.

Thank you for the suggestion.
I forgot to mention, I use a bur to chamfer the edge of the hole, then puk the wire. The circle doesn’t show after emery, but if I keep flicking the tongue, the circle shows up. That’s why I puk, I want to weld the wire with surface, so when I flick the tongue, people can’t see there is a wire connect the tongue and the body.

So the hole is too small in your tongue. Instead of the tongue rotating on the wire rivet, wire rivet is rotating.

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It could be the case, however the whole design/process is flawed because your not using established engineering practices to produce the tongue support shaft., thats fixed to the side plates in the first instance, with then enough clearance to allow for the swelling during the riveting process…