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PUK Welder

I’m looking into purchasing a PUK welder. Any info on best source in Canada (or US) would be helpful. Even options for used would be appreciated. Thank you.

I have a PUK 5.1 that I bought three years ago. I went into it knowing that a pulse arc welder doesn’t work as well on silver as it does other metals. The learning curve has been steep, but I am beginning to get some results to justify the expense. If I worked more in gold, I would be using it a lot. Take a look at Jeffrey Herman’s website to see what a PUK master can do with silver…Rob

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Thanks Rob, I’m also looking to use it mostly on Silver and I’m pretty new. I will have a look that the site. Have a good day.

Otto Frei often has 10% off sales for larger purchases, so check with them regularly.

Neil A

That’s how I bought mine. Right before Christmas…Rob

Hi Laura,

I recently got a pulse arc welder (Orion Sunstone)

I am able to weld sterling silver. I find that it is just a matter of experimenting on similar gauge/ thicknesses, in order to determine the correct settings to use on the actual piece(s).

Different brands/ models have different settings…it might be wise to make a general list of what you would like to use the welder for, and then speak to some sales people, so that you can zero in on the best model/ features for your needs. as the pricing varies.

I am new to the technology, and so far it seems to be about achieving a balance between using enough energy to get good penetration while not creating excessive surface distortion

My needs were primarily:

  • in the lower end of the energy spectrum…i wanted to be able to weld very fine gauges…not all the time, but it was important none the less…

  • in being able to “tack” things together before soldering…i am not using “tack” in the literal “tack welding” sense, although my unit does “tack weld” as well…it is just a different process, and i have only used it a few times to repair pin backs…

  • in being able to weld near heat sensitive things, like pearls, opals, etc

  • i am not really interested in welding long joins per se, as i think soldering, when possible, will result in a faster, cleaner join, and less clean-up and metal loss, among other things…

I am still learning to make longer joins, sizing ring shanks, and adding metal…perhaps it will open my eyes to more use opportunities…i have seen welders used for long(er) seams and it definitely can be done, i just haven’t had a need yet, other than sizing rings with heat sensitive stones…i knotch the join so that it is thinner and will get penetration…and then add metal…for thick shanks i am kind of leery of the tension build-up that i “sense” in the weld material…and am still experimenting…


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