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PUK Vs. ABI Welder - which is better?

Hi there:

I’m interested in purchasing a spot welder to expedite some of my
basic production work such as attatching findings and fabricating
settings, and have been looking at both the Puk and ABI machines.
Unfortunately, I don’t live near a dealer of either machine so
haven’t been able to use them in person.

Given that I was wondering if any of you who have experience with
both machines could share your thoughts Re: which machine you
preferred and why to help me finalize my decision. Specifically, I’d
love to hear any thoughts you may have regarding either machine’s
ability to produce accurate welds, speed/efficiency of use and
ongoing cost…

On a side note, although this is my first time posting to the Orchid
boards, I’ve been an avid reader for awhile now and just wanted to
say how much I’ve appreciated getting to learn from all of you…

Best wishes,