Puk 4

Hi Guys,

I’ve had the opportunity of late to use the PUK 4 in my store.

I am working on a 18ct white gold solitaire ring, with 3 a size
stone points. Not sure if the stones are diamonds or cubics.

I’m not using any heat paste to protect the stones, and the
localised pinpoint accuracy of the electrode has made the job quite
fun. Using no solder, and am using 18ct white wire as filler.

There’s still a learning curve to figure out the best way to
proceed, but it’s a good tool. I’ve spent about 10 minutes on the job
and it’s almost done.

Once it’s filled, a little filing, a little sanding, and a little
polishing and we’re done :slight_smile:

Regards Charles A.

Hello Charles,

I’m happy you’re finding the PUK 4 fun to use. Please remember to
visit the PUK review page here: Society of American Silversmiths - PUK 5 and PUK Pulse Arc Welders Reviewed, PUK04 Review

Though I have concentrated on my experience with silver (to a lesser
extent with gold, pewter, copper, brass, stainless steel, and carbon
steel) on that page, the welding techniques should be identical. And,
almost all other metals will be an absolute joy in comparison to

You’re going to find an enormous number of uses with that machine.

Jeff Herman