PUK 3 vs earlier versions

What about new PUK 3? Is there a big improvement from earlier


Ai Alex,

What about new PUK 3? Is there a big improvement from earlier

I don’t have all the technical details, but after looking at them at
2 different locations at the Tucson Gem show, I’ll give you the
differences as I remember them.

The latest model has more power available at the welding tip. The
welding power is adjustable The duration of the welding pulse can
also adjustable. The new model comes with a microscope & it’s not
necessary to use the welding sheild/gogles with it. The price of the
new machine is around $4200.00. If I were buying a Puk today, there’s
no question in my mind, I go for the latest model. It allows you to
do a wider range of work.

Two dealers I know of are Rio Grande & Gesweine (sp?). There’s also
a dealer in Chicago on Wabash St. who’s name escapes me at the


Hi Alex:

I just picked up a PUK 3+ Pro. I don’t know from the earlier
versions, but the pro+ has more power than the standard 3, which has
more power than the older Mk 2. For some of the heavy work I’m doing
on sterling, the Pro+ has just barely enough power. I’m definitely
still working the kinks out. I’ll write up a review once I begin to
think I’ve got a handle on it.

The things I can tell you so far: You want the microscope, and you
want to use ultra-high purity argon. (Grade 5) Check with your argon
supplier to see how much the high-grade argon will run. The
industrial argon I was using for my existing inert gas rig ran me
about $40/bottle. The list for the high-purity is $260/bottle.
(serious premium for the hi-test argon.) Remember to factor this in
to your run cost calculations. It ran on the industrial stuff, but
it’s much happier with hi-test. (I’m also doing a lot of titanium.
Titanium cares. Deeply.)

The improved cycle time on the 3+ is definitely a good thing. The 3+
cycles just about as fast as I can move my hand and retarget the tip.
I don’t find myself waiting for it to fire the way I suspect I would
with an older model. THe 3+ fires slightly faster than once per
second, while the older ones were more like once per 2-3 seconds, as
I understand it.

Beyond that, I’ve had it since mid January, and I haven’t really had
time to sit down and mind-meld with it yet. There will be more info
once I grok more fully.

Brian Meek.

Thank you Brian for your input.

I am considering to purchase PUK 3 Pro, not the plus version. I
believe it is about $500 cheaper. It comes with microscope and all,
just less power. Would you recommend to go with the Plus version?
You mentioned that it has barely enough power to work with silver. I
am concerned very much abouth the power issue since I will be working
with silver…

Thanks again,