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Puk 2 vs ABI vs are they worth it?


I won the 2nd prize in the Ganoksin raffle during the summer which
was a $1000 gift certificate from Rio. I was thinking about using it
towards one of the pulse arc welders. I am looking at the PUK 2 and
the ABI Mini Pulse, but I don’t know which is better, or if they are
even worth it. I read the article in the Sept 2005 issue of AJM that
compared the two machines and a laser welder, but that didn’t really
help. The article says the PUK can only fire once per 1.7 seconds.
That seems very slow. The Mini Pulse fires faster, but has a big
ceramic collar on the tip. Being able to get in to small spaces is
one of the things that appeals to me, so it would seem the PUK 2
would be a better choice. Also I would probably be using it for
silver. How are they for welding silver?

Advertising says these things can do a lot of work a laser can do.
How accurate is that statement? I used to use a laser at my old job,
but I have never used one of these welders. I will not be going to
any trade shows during the next year, so I will not have any
opportunity to try them, and I have to use the gift certificate by
next summer. So if I do get one of these I would probably have to
buy it with out even trying it first, and that makes me worry. So my
question isn’t just PUK or ABI, it is are these machines as good as
they claim.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Jon.

I got PUK111, the first one for two years now and I loved it.