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Puget Sound Bead Festivals

Just to be sure-- nobody knows anything whatsoever about these
events? I know we’ve all been distracted by other concerns, so I
thought I’d just ask a second time. Anything about the Bead Factory
in Tacoma (host of the events)?


The Puget Sound Bead Festival in Tacoma had an incredible number of
classes this year… I couldn’t go, real life got in the way, but it
was an interesting variety of “stuff”. A lot of $49-$225 3-8 hour
classes, with $20-$100 kit fees. Not a lot of metalsmithing, though.

There are an awful lot of sizable bead stores in the Puget Sound
area (Shipwreck!), and most of the Community Colleges offer jewelry
fabrication classes, most of which fill up, quarter after quarter.
There are a lot of people who want to learn jewelry arts here, at
various levels. So I’m guessing that your classes would fill up
pretty quickly, especially with the right advertising.

I live just north of Seattle… what else would you like to know? I
can ask around…