Ps to: Dialogue on perfectionism and the Artist's Way

people -

a postscript to my other post on ‘perfection’: one day, in a silver
funk, i pulled out the oppie untracht book on metal techniques. if
it wouldn’t go right for me at least i could read about the masters’
methods. intently, in a silver funkish way, following the text &
photos of the silversmith making the hollow ware pitcher, one of the
photographs pulled me up short & when i got through laughing all of
the funk had flown! that photo showed a close-up of the piece after
the handle had been soldered on, & people, that solder job was, shall
we say, ‘less than perfect’. (my book is on loan to a friend so i
cannot give you the page, but it may have been about midway down the
middle of a left page in the hollow ware/pitcher section.) my
reasoning was that if a ‘master’ can do a solder job like that even
once & have the world see it - perfection, smerfection, do your best,
let it go & spend the rest of the time loving someone.