Providence MJSA show

Hi All,

Well, Andy Harney of Triad (makers of the Sparkie Fusion Welder)
came through for us! He has obtained little brass Orchid pins
to use for demonstration purposes on the Sparkie Fusion Welder
at the Gesswein booth at MJSA Providence. So I hope you will
stop by, watch his demo, and pick up your free Orchid pin.

I really enjoyed meeting so many of you in person at MJSA New
York and hope to see you again, and meet some new faces in
Providence. Dates are May 16-18.

Pssst! Want to get into the show for free? I have a LIMITED
number of VIP passes. If you are going to the show, please
email me and I will send one out to you.

Cya there!

Elaine Corwin
Tel: 1-800-544-2043 ext 287
Fax: 203-335-0300

Dear Elaine 1 how do you get an orchid pin IF your NOT going to
the show and 2 I have a steam cleaner that I picked up and it
has no instructions for hookup or use if I get you the model and
make do you think you could tell me where to get an owners
manual? Thanks for your time and efforts on all are behalfs Ron

Hi Elaine, As you know I’ll be working the Castaldo booth in
Providence. I’ll take you up on the Orchid pin! If there are any
folks in the Portland Maine area that want a ride to the show,
I’ve rented a 15 passenger van and will be leaving the portland
area at about 7:30 am on Mon. the 17th. Give me a call if you
need a ride. John 207.729.3599

I’m a Jewelry student at the University of Kansas and a member
of SNAG, I was wandering if someone could tell me how to enter
these shows I keep hearing about. How much do they cost and who
do I need to contact to get in? Any info is greatly appreciated.


Hi Chris. You can meet many good suppliers at the Providence
MJSA EXPO. You can reach MJSA at their website
http// or call them at 800.444.6572. J.A.

Check out the MJSA web site at They
have a significant amount of on-line about the two
Expos so you can learn more about them. They even have on-line

Be aware, though, that these shows are wholesale only: they’re
not open to the public. You may be asked to provide some type of
documentation that you are a member of the trade. I’m not sure
what the current policy is on students, but it never hurts to
ask, so go ahead and call MJSA show services at 800-444-6572 if
the Web site doesn’t state whether students can attend. The folks
in show services are nice people and they’ll help all they can.

Suzanne Wade