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Protowizard 5 Axis

Is anyone in this forum using ProtoWizard 5 Axis software. I would like to get in touch.

Curtis at Jewello

Hi Curtis!
Good to see that you “discovered” Ganoksin.

I hope you get some replies to your question.

If you remember me, you graciously brought me down to your store to teach your staff gemstone setting!

If you need me again, I’m still available, after this virus runs it’s course.

Fond regards & thanks for some great memories!
BTW, you should go to my setting blog that has 128 essays on Diamond Setting!
My blog address is down below!

Gerry Lewy, on my iPhone

HI Gerry!

I never forgot you and generally keep abreast with your generous and informative contributions. The staff has greatly benefited from your training. If things turn I may just bring you back for more stone setting training. Stay safe everyone.


Hi Curtis
In the interim, I’d like you & your team of jewellers to go to my setting blog.

To date, there are ”128 diamond setting essays” available to everyone, all at no charge!!.:wink:
Below is my blog address, every few weeks, I’m adding more technical essays!

I’ll be looking forward for another training session with you and your team again.

Fondest regards and be safe!

Gerry, on my iPhone