Protective coating for turquoise?

Hi there. What do you recommend to protect turquoise cabs so they won’t chip, etc? I’ve heard of epoxy but am wondering about what types of epoxy and other options? thanks.

I’ve mixed two part clear epoxy adhesive and brushed it over the surface of turquoise. I’m guessing there may be more scratch resistant epoxy solutions. I’d be fascinated to know as it would be useful on jet and a serpentine that I’m enamoured of, that turns up on the beaches of NE Scotland.


If you have turquoise that is hard enough to take a polish and is not stabilized you will ruin the value of the stone by coating it. If it’s stabilized turquoise then it’s already infused with a plastic polymer or chemically silicated and it shouldn’t require a coating.

I would avoid epoxy due to yellowing. If your set on coating the stone look into Paleo Bond Penetrant. I recently switched to their products for my inlay work.

Rick Copeland
Rocky Mountain Wonders

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thanks Rick. this info is really helpful!