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Protection of artists and their work

Hi everyone,

I am currently enrolled as a jewellery major and am doing a Visual
Arts Professional Practice course for the theory component this
semester. I am faced with a project including giving a lecture on a
certain topic. The topic I’ve come up with is entitled (by myself)
“Artwork on Consigment in galleries and the protection of artists
and their work in the case of bankruptcy, theft, and incomplete or
damaged return of work.” Now, I’m sure all of you have heard or had
experiences with consignment in galleries, and some have had
exceptionally bad experiences with the galleries going under and
losing work, or money, or something being stolen and the artist not
being reimbursed. Or, stock being returned to the artist in
exceptionally bad condition, or not having all the stock returned.
I would like to rally everyone’s help in finding articles and
stories on these issues, whether they be personal or of someone
else. If you have a personal story, I would really appreciate
images of the work or gallery that was involved, and of yourself if
possible (for the sake of visual aids in a rather serious lecture).

If any one knows any laws (across the world, really) protecting
artists in these situations, please let me know. I have until
Tuesday the 23rd of March to research as that is the day I present
this lecture.

Thank you so much. Please email me directly on @Catherine_Chandler

Catherine Chandler

p.s. If you wish to remain anonymous I will completely honour that.

Catherine, This subject has been discussed on Orchid and I’m sure
that if you do a search of the archives at you will find
plenty of Joel

Joel Schwalb