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Protecting sand-blasted surface


As a student, I find that I am learning a lot of things the hard way.
My most recent discovery is that sandblasting a metal surface
makes it porous and it readily absorbs fingerprints and grime. I am
looking for ways to prevent this from happening.(a thin coat of wax,
perhaps?) I would appreciate any tips.


Jeannette, There are clear lacquers available through the tool
suppliers in the states. Rio Grande has various products that should
do the trick, including some that will not leave a high gloss, as some
material will do. There are also more expensive ways to go however
they may not be cost effective for you at this point. Joe Lovato

Why are you blasting the surface, for the texture?? If so,
lacquer, wax, clear coat, etc. would all give some surface
protection. Also you might consider using glass beads rather than
sand to texture the surface. The beads peen the surface rather than
erode the surface as does the sand, but they do give a texture that
is less sever.

Lastly, not touching the surface with your hands and not getting it
near “dirt” will keep it from getting dirty. (smile!!!)

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Many people follow the sand blast w/ a glass bead blast which alters
the surface somewhat but burnishes it down so that finger printing is
no problem. It’s what I do.

Andy C.

You’re striving to keep the surface free of contaminants, especially
moisture. There are several ways this can be done. I’d suggest
browsing jewelry supply catalogues and reading the advertisement, and
browsing the internet.

Whatever you use, consider the difficulty in removing what you have
put on. Remember, what you sandblasted off was there to protect the
surface, you don’t want to sandblast the next coating off. Wax may
work, a light coating of oil may work, etc.

Work on it and you’ll get an answer.