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Protect gold & silver

Hello. I’m reletively new to the group. I’ve read a lot of the
threads but, that’s about all. I’ve got about 10 years worth of
weekends and occasional evenings designing, fabricating, and
(occasionally)faceting. I was comming back from the Franklin show
(wow what an improvement from a few years ago) and stopped in one of
those ‘deep’ discount and “never-know- what-you’ll-find” places. I
bought some tubes of Rolite metal polish. I could not believe how
well it cleaned & shined (tried on some tarnishing 8ga half rnd
stock). Looked it up on the internet to find it is a commercial
aircraft polish &polutant protector for metal & plastic. Designed
to protect long in harsh environment. Even acid free & environment
friendly. Does anyone have any experience with this product?

tx, Regis (the one who’s wife has heard enough of Kathy Lee jokes).