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[pros and cons] Working from home or outside studio

I am afraid to move out from my causy basement studio, but I have kids and want them to live in a safe environment and have work and personal life in balance. I found a studio nearby in a industrial building that I like. Has anybody had that dilemma? thank you

Why are you afraid to move out? It became clear to me pretty fast that getting anything done at home was not gonna work. My apartment is tiny and partner doesn’t tolerate mess. There was just no space available. I rented a studio 20 mins drive away and pay 100€ a month for it (this is in Brussels, but not Brussels center). It’s worth every penny!

Yes I have had this very problem. I had the opportunity to by a small storefront in town. Perfect for me in every way but one. My wife said absolutely not. So I worked for a few years in a small shop in the house. Then for the same amount of money I did an addition on the house for a new shop space. There are tax benefits either way. Don Meixner

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I see. Thank you. I am looking for something small in my overpriced city and everything I have see so far very expensive. Europe is much affordable:)

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Maybe overpriced, but it’s a full tax write-off at the end of the year! I have my bench and large office space in my basement. I then deduct the 900 sq. ft as a full “business expense”.
“If you think small, then you will stay small!” This is my opinion and not reflecting what you do!
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home is good, but smell etc is too nasty for my little “my pensin payers”:)))