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Pros and cons of micromotors vs. flexshafts

Hi, friends.

I’ve read some articles on the subject of micromotors but haven’t been able to find the specific answers I’m looking for.

-I mainly need to know if I can use my Foredom bits and drills in a micromotor/ANY micromotor

-Do I have to buy a separate hammer hand piece?

I’m looking at purchasing one for stone setting specifically so I’d need a hammer hand piece attachment. I’ve also looked at dentist micromotors as a cheaper option as I’m not a goldsmith and wouldn’t need a $2,000 machine.

Thanks so much in advance!

Kerry Hicks

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There are many recent discussions about micromotors. Use the search tools and limit the search to after 01/01/2021…Rob

Thanks Rob. I’ll look again. Maybe I didn’t search properly.

Yep so the only conversations that came up in those search parameters was ours. Thanks anyway.


with regards to using bits/ burs etc, consider:

  • what size (shaft) bits/ burs/ etc do you have, use, or will use…ie: what your needs will be…ie: 3/32…1/8”…

  • what size collets come with and/ or are available for the specific micro-motor(s) you are considering…”quick change” collets usually accommodate only one shaft size…ie: 3/32…whereas a universal(?) chuck accommodates whatever will fit within the range of the jaw opening

  • if there is a compatible hammer hand piece that either comes with the brand/ set, or is available separately

with regard to a micro-motor hammer hand-piece, the “plug”(?) on the end of the shaft is different than a hammer hand piece designed for use with a flexshaft.

i “think” micro-motors that accomodate hammer handpieces have two shaft ports…one for the micro-motor, and one for rotary (hammer hand-piece), so you need to have that port, even if you do not buy a hammer hand-piece at the same time

just some comments


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hi again,

as far as pros and cons…in my own experience

micromotor pros:
do not have to fight the shaft.

shaft does not inhibit positioning of hand/ handpiece
due to radius limitations of shaft.

shaft does not whip around or move

lower torque at low speeds/ less grabby
good torque for overall needs

micromotor cons:
handpiece is slightly longer/ heavier
a bit pricier than a flex shaft, but well worth the expense if it can be borne, and if used often in daily work

i have no experience with a micro-motor hammer hand-piece


Oh thanks so much, Julie. I really appreciate your answer. I’m wondering if hammer handpieces are common purchases for micromotors. I really would like one for stone setting beyond much of anything else. My Foredom does an adequate job but i feel my hand would be more stable with a micromotor when setting. Again, thanks so much for your time.


I ended up purchasing an NSK micromotor
(for me, it was about the micro handpiece size/ shape/ weight…i think​:joy::rofl:

I also considered Foredom, and Saeshin

Foredom has sets that include a micromotor and hammer handpiece.

Melissa Muir has a few youtube videos where she compares and contrasts the different foredom units.

based on what you are saying, i would suggest getting a micro motor with the hammer handpiece,

the handpieces are pricey…the motors are in the handpieces


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Following should be a link to a PDF of the search results using “micromotors” and “after 01/01/2020” as the search terms in the archives. This has been a hot topic recently and there is more here than just your inquiry to be found…Rob

Hi Rob,
Thank you for the pdf

the bolded titles are active hyperlinks to that forum post…very cool!


Julie - my micro motor has a switch on the control box to change the handpiece from rotary to hammer, not a different plug. it’s a Badeco.
Judy h

Simple answer from someone who has used both, YES. I smashed up my lower arm and hand badly, I have about 70% usage. Love my micro motor and it’s hammer hand piece.

Hi Judy,

ok, great to know that about Badeco, thank you!
I do have a Badeco hammer handpiece fiormy flexshaft…

i think i mis-spoke! (i should not have said rotary!…)

i think the consideration comes into play for brush type hand pieces, and brushless-type hand pieces…

ie: i think the foredom hammer hand piece is brush-type, and the rotary handpieces come both ways…

so, if you want to have both types plugged in to same control box, you would need to look into that detail

anyway, i had just wanted to mention that as a consideration during purchase process…