Pros and cons of delrin or steel

Hello Ed,

If you’re new to anticlastic raising and want to experiment, I
suggest buying flat delrin stock (2"x.75" and 1"x.5" for example) and
making your own stakes. If you have a local plastic supply you might
be able to buy scraps cheaply. If you love it you can add the steel
stakes later. Part of developing an understanding of the process will
become clearer from making your own stakes. You need a series of
curves that begin very gently and become narrower in cross section
and a little deeper depending on the width of the piece that you’re
making. The first link that you posted gives you an excellent idea of
the graduation in curves to produce. I would also recommend wood,
it’s readily available and cheap. Buy hammers (German peddinghaus)
that have weight which will permit the hammer to do the work and not
your arm. You can contact me off list at: with
any additional questions. Anticlastic raising is my focus so I should
be able to help. Enjoy and prepare yourself for addiction!

Best Wishes,