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Proper white gold alloy



What is the proper alloy set up for 18kt/14kt White Gold, minus the

Any tips for a beginner?




I do a fair amount of fabricating with white gold, and I can tell you
that nothing compares to palladium white gold for workability. I’ve
given up the nickel white golds entirely. I alloy my own 18K
palladium white gold by melting palladium (25%) with pure gold (75%)
in a crucible with a propane oxygen torch. The ingot comes out just
fine, and it rolls out smoothly. It also polishes well, and has a
terrific white color that won’t need rhodium plating.

Jay Whaley
Whaley Studios


Hi Jay,

Thanks for the head’s up. I tried it out this morning and it really
did come out beautifully. I am quite pleased with this end result.
It was rather tedious to have to do the rhodium plated on these

Also thanks for the info about the S88 Alloy from United. It is
wonderful to work with and I also found it much easier to work with
than traditional Sterling.

I think you said before you used to get Fine Silver coins? Where
here did you get them?




I too am a huge fan of the S88 alloy from United. Their metallurgist,
who I had an interview with a month or so ago, told me of an
"improved Argentium" sterling alloy they patented, which supposedly
has the non-fire scale properties as Argentium, but much easier to
fabricate with, and none of the brittleness when hot. I’m anxious to
fabricate with this new alloy. As far as the pure silver I use to
alloy my sterling, I buy a couple of local coin shops. I just ask for
fine silver coins, and they sell them to me for just a bit over the
spot price of silver. Real easy. Good luck on alloying your own. You
now have the unique freedom to create your own custom metal!

Jay Whaley
Whaley Studios


Hello again Jay,

Thank you very much for letting em know about the improved Argemtium

Is it out on the market as yet? Or will not be out for a while?

Please let me know the name for it as well. I too am anxious to work
with this an compare ti to the S88 Alloy.




This new Argentium-like alloy is currently being sold by United
Metals. The reason it is unknown is because it is only available in
a master alloy form, to be made up into sterling, not already made up
into sheet and wire stock. United metals will be happy to sell you
as much of the alloy as you want, and you can make your own sterling
with it. Good luck! Let us know what your experience with it is, if
you decide to buy some.

Jay Whaley
Whaley Studios