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Proper subject entries [Was: Leaving Orchid]


I am on other lists so that daily, I get at least 100 msgs. On
one of the lists (Art Metal - good for jewelers as well as all
other metal artists) we need to remind the list, now and then, to
keep the subject line filled in correctly. All non art metal
stuff (talk) is to have a YAK in front of the listing. This has
worked very well and most all on the list are happy with this
setup. Might work here to put specific subjects in the subject
line so those not interested in lapidary threads (or other area
specific threads) can easily eliminate them. BUT**** if you send
a message with an improper subject line on it, it may very well
be lost to cyber space (highlighted and trashed) because “it
wasn’t an area I am interested in”.

***It is up to the sender to keep the subject line entry correct
for the subject presented! ***

Just a thought. I would hate to see the areas of "permitted"
discussion limited to certain areas on this list, but proper list
etiquette would go a long ways to cast of the above sort
of suggestions. Metal and lapida= ry are BOTH very important
areas of jewelry work for MANY jewelers. One or the other may
not be of any interest to other jewelers, so, I feel, this
problem is best handled by the above suggestions to allow
participation of as varied and wide-ranging group as possible.

This is just a thought. This is a great list (even though I am
mainly an art bronze caster) who’s wife is a 30+ year jeweler
turning to more large sculpture work (back problems) and I dabble
in jewelry AND lapidary!!

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