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Propane gas with natural gas torch

I’m having trouble finding locally a propane Hoke torch and was
wondering if it would be OK to go with the natural gas version, which
seems to be readily available but run it with propane? Is there a
big difference (eg. tip diameters) between natural gas and propane


Yes there is a big difference between orifices used for LP and
natural gas. Check with a torch mfg like ESAB, Victor, or Smith etc.
for info on how they adapt their torch for LP vs. natural.

I’ve used Hokes interchangeably and never noticed a real difference.
Currently, I am using acetylene welding and Little torches with

Bruce D. Holmgrain

I have been using a natural gas tip on my Hoke for years. During
these years I have used both natural gas and propane, the tips work
fine for both gasesand I personally like the multiple port form of
the natural gas tips better than the single port. At this point i’m
back to using propane even though there is a gas line in the wall
behind my bench. I do a lot of platinum work and the propaneburns
just a little hotter than the natural gas. Or maybe it has to do
with the pressure?

John Sholl